Monday, July 25, 2011

Kool-Aid: Ice cube painting and Dyeing

We made Kool-aid ice cubes and used them for stamping, painting. Last week CJ and I had fun kneading Kool-aid to white homemade play-dough.

For Kool-aid ice, all you need are packets of unsweetened Kool Aid, Ice cube trays, a cup and a bottle of water

Pour water into a cup and mix in a packet of unsweetened kool-aid. Mix the kool-aid and water. Pour into ice cube trays and freeze.(Note: I guess we added more water, May be it is better to add kool-aid packet to ice cube tray and just add a spoon of water for each cube)

Make Kool-aid Ice

Kool-Aid Ice cubes

Ice cube Stamping:

We used Kitchen tissue paper for the stamping. Adding a Popsicle stick/Craft stick to the ice cubes would have made it easier to grip/hold.

Place the ice cubes in a pattern as you wish.
Kool-aid ice stamping

When the color bleeds to paper. Remove the ice cubes.

Set aside to dry and when dry you have a different, beautiful painting!

Cookie tray Ice cube painting/Dyeing:

Place/lay down a kitchen tissue roll sheet on the cookie tray

Just set the ice cubes on the paper and keep them moving. Filling the white spaces with ice paint as you move.

Slide Ice painting:

Lay a kitchen tissue roll sheet on the slide as shown and place the ice cubes on top of the slide. Let them melt and keeping moving.

When you reach the sliding area let the ice melt.

After 10 mins of melting, we got this beautiful kool-aid dyed kitchen tissue. I love the sliding effect.
kool-aid ice cube melting on a slide art

Set aside for drying

Collection of Kool-aid sheets!

This activity is messy but lots fun and Perfect for hot summer day.

Note: Kool-aid liquid will stain so safe-guard your clothes and the work area.

Ice painting ideas around web

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  1. Love it!! The colors look so vibrant too, i really need to buy some kool aid now:) We did slide painting with icecubes last weekend but outside.

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  3. Aaah lots and lots of fun had here! And how great to watch the ice cubes melt and the colours spread!

    Thanks for joining Kids Get Crafty!


  4. It looks- yummy! Thanks for sharing another great idea!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing lots of ideas witht he Carnival of Outdoor Play. I love this idea especially for a sunny day. I's be great to let the sun melt the ice and create it's own art.