Friday, July 22, 2011

Painting with Cars on a slide

We were inspired by Tinekerlab's Slide drawing, Putti prapancha's Painting with balls on slide and Teach preschool Car painting. So we did painting with cars on slide. How fun! CJ used to play by sliding the cars on her indoor slide. She just loved the idea of painting with cars.

Car Painting Using a slide

We used Kitchen Tissue roll since we didn't have the paper roll. Took the slide to kitchen, Placed the slide facing the kitchen counter so that the cars will stop at the counter. To be on the safer side I just covered the landing, surrounding area of the slide with newspaper.

I wanted to tape the paper to the slide but the tape was missing so I just kept the unrolled kitchen roll on the climbing side for balance.

Place the wheels of car in paint and let the Cars/wheels slide down!

Cj was excited to see the line tracks of the wheels!

Next goes the helicopter!

Pretty lines! I love the way they turned out!

The same activity can also be done with out a slide. Hold a cardboard in slanting position as a slide and let the wheels roll

I think normal paper roll will give better prints. After buying the paper, I'm planning to slide a bigger truck and Enjoy the prints!


  1. We are SO doing this today! THANKS for the cute idea. I may add it to my paint-a-mania day this fall too. I'll see how adventurous I am feeling. We have some rolls of old fax paper that will work great and may even add some measuring (which car traveled the farthest) too!
    Amanda at

  2. This is clever and just so much fun! Wonderfully creative use of the cars and slide, so unique.

  3. What a great idea for another way to paint w cars. My class is planning to paint w cars this week during our Going to the Fair theme week. I'm gonna add in this variation. Thanks.

  4. Very cute!!! and lots of fun! :-)


  5. What fun! Thank you for stopping by and linking up to The Sunday Showcase

  6. This is such a fantastic Idea! We are going to give it a try I am going to put it on pintrest as well!

  7. Thanks Mercedes for pinning to pintrest!