Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lots of dots book, Balloon and Q-tip Painting

Couple of weeks ago, I checked out Lots of Dots by Craig Frazier from the library because of its eye catchy cover. When I showed the book to CJ, She exclaimed 'Oh! Lot of Polka Dots! I love this book!' Each page has amazing illustrations of dots. The bright colors on a white background makes it a hit. The double spread page of  black sky with bright star dots is an exception. Accompanying the pictures are equally adorable quatrain poems

a quatrain from the book!

"Some dots are light.
 Some dots are heavy.
 Some dots are colorful.
 Some dots are bright."

The book is clever on so many levels. Each page depicts there are dots(circles) everywhere and their characteristics. The quatrain poems exposes clever rhymes, new vocabulary, opposites(some dots are big, some dots are small). Lot of dot information packed in simple graphic designs! Its also a great book for beginning reader with single sentence in each page. A wonderful book, perfect for circle shaped crafts.

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For the craft, we painted dots! Big dots - Balloon painting, Small dots - Q-tips/Cotton swabs.

Lots of Dots - Balloon Painting and Q-tip Stamping

Balloon Painting

When I saw the balloon print - hungry caterpillars on Moments of Mommyhood Blog, I knew CJ will be excited to do the art. She did!

All you need is a Balloon, paints and paper!

Steps Overview:

Pour some paint in a Styrofoam container. CJ wanted purple color but we didn't have purple so she mixed blue and red color.

Blow up the balloon in smaller size, so that the bottom is circle. Dip the Balloon bottom in paint.

Stamp it on the paper

cluster of dots!

CJ created illustrations from the book

Dots for licking

Balloon Painting ice cream cone

Some Dots float

Some dots are bunchy
(We made up this line)
Grape Painting - Balloon Painting

Q-tip Painting 

After painting big dots, we painted small dots using Q-tips. Dip Q-tip in paint and stamp.

Some dots are bright

dots that smell sweet

Q-tip flowers

Salt Painting

Dip the Q-tip in Glue and stamp on the paper. Sprinkle salt and shake off the excess. When Cj was 2 yrs old, We had created a starry night scene using semolina. I saw this salt paint earth at putti prapancha. Salt seemed to be a better option then semolina.

Salt painting Starry night scene


  1. Sounds like a fun book! Love all the activities and the illustrations ur DD made esp the sleepy moon pic:)
    Thanks for the mention!

  2. I love the look of the book, and really like your craft choices - I'll be looking for that one!

  3. Esther, I love how the balloon painting turned out!

    Great job!


  4. The book sounds wonderful and like how you did all your different pieces of art correlating to different pages! Wonderful!

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  5. Thanks for dropping by in my son's blog ...Love ur blog lot ...helps me to get lot of ideas in art and craft ...

  6. I love this book and all of your projects they are so cute. The ballon painting would be so much fun to do with our art group thanks for the great idea!!

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  7. I love how you did different project to go with each page.

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  8. My kids would love the balloon painting! Thanks for the fun ideas.

  9. oh, so many different dots! Love these ideas! Have to give it a shot with some of them we haven't tried yet!

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  10. This is soooo great!! We've never read this book before but I can't wait to get my hands on it so we can try some of these fun activities. I LOVED your grapevine prints too. So pretty!

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