Monday, February 9, 2009

My Creativity Blog

Drawing, Painting, Embroidery and hand-crafts has kept me engaged in my Idle time. These hobbies has been my passion right from my childhood. My Mom does very good embroidery. She has made elephants, horses, musical instruments with beads. My Mom used to teach me embroidery, Hand-Crafts in my School summer holidays and i used to wait for my summer holidays so that i can do my stitching. But as years passed by after I went to college, work. I was not able to concentrate on my hobbies. I used do some paintings then and then.

After my daughter was born, I took a long break from work and I was able to get little time to color my imagination.

Using this blog I would like to Show case some of my creativity Works I do in my limited time.Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions.

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  1. I gonthrough your blog and find very interesting.
    Making designs by handembroidary to our loving little one is happy creation. Isinit?
    Your creations are very pretty.