Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Straw, Pipe cleaner and Tri beads Star

Straw, Tri beads, Glitter stick Star ornaments

Inspired by the Easy Star Ornament on parents.com website, we created the below stars. They are easy to make and twinkle on the Christmas tree.

Materials Used:

Glitter sticks or Pipe cleaners
Tri beads
Child safe scissors

Thanks to Craftprojectideas.com for the holiday craft supplies package. The glitter sticks and tri beads are from the package.

Steps overview:

Cut straws approx. equal sized(1/2" segments).

Fold one end of glitter stick as a small loop or knot to keep the beads from falling. String cut Straws and Tri beads, leaving about an 1/2 inch stick at the end.

Bend into a star shape.

Twist the ends together

Attach a ribbon or ornament hanger to hang, I just love them on the Christmas tree
Thread straw, beads with pipe cleaner and make a star


  1. these are so cute! Love the straws! We made some out of beads and pipe cleaners but the pieces of straw are a fun addition!

  2. Very cute stars. What a clever use of straws.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. These are so pretty! What fun!