Thursday, December 8, 2011

One person craft: Goody bag

Kid made construction paper goody bag

Now a days,CJ wants to express her creativity and calls her crafts as "One Person Craft". She asks for a list of craft supplies, She comes up with her own creation using the supplies. I will be posting her crafts with the label : One Person Craft. The Goody bag is one such craft. She asked "Mommy can you give me some construction paper and Stapler, Going to create a surprise for you"

I think she got the inspiration for the craft from her School - thanksgiving purse craft.

Materials Used:

Construction paper - 2 nos.
Glitter sticks or Pipe cleaners
Stapler and staple pins
Pom poms
Glue stick

Thanks to for the holiday craft supplies package.

Steps Overview:

For the base of the bag, Staple the ends of the paper as shown in the picture(Adult Supervision needed). Glue the sides of the papers to form a bag shape leaving the top side alone open.

Bend a Glitter stick or pipe cleaner to a bag handle shape. Poke two holes for the handle. Insert the free ends to the holes and glue the free ends to the inside of the bag.

Embellish with drawings, Pom poms, buttons, Glitters

Though the bag is not sturdy enough to hold gifts, I think they are just perfect to hold season greeting cards, Party invites/ Birthday cards, Thank you cards

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