Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Hat and Christmas Tree cards

Santa Hat, Christmas tree cards

We had so much fun making the Party Hat Birthday cards that we made Christmas tree and Santa Hat cards. The cards are made out of construction paper and very simple to make.

Materials Used:
Construction paper(Green, Red)
Glitter glue
Pom poms
Child Safe Scissors

Thanks to for the holiday craft supplies package. The Glitters and Pom poms are from the package.

Steps Overview:

Christmas Tree Card:

  1. Take a green Construction paper.
  2. Fold the Paper Diagonally as shown below

  3. From the top of the triangle measure 7 inches on each side of the triangle as shown below. Mark points.
  4. Draw a line joining the two points as shown below
  5. Cut along the line, Flip and your tree card shape is ready

Embellish with Glitter glue, Pom poms, Buttons, Glitters, Stickers...

Let it dry and the tree card is ready!

We made three different sizes of tree cards

Side view showing the inside of the card.

Santa Hat card:

Santa Hat card

After step 5 of the Christmas tree(to take pics continuously, I used the green paper to show the steps of the hat. Whereas we actually used red paper)

Open the card and measure 1 inch from the bottom and make a slit as shown

Close the card and fold the 1 inch paper upwards to give a hat shape

Glue the 1 inch paper! Basic Santa hat ready!

I wrote Merry Christmas and drew some Snowflakes with a marker. CJ wrote on them with Glitter glue

Embellish with white Pom poms and Santa Hat card ready!


  1. I love these cards my little ones will love making these thanks for sharing. I have just found your lovely blog through your host blog hop wonderful to join in. I'm now following you hope you visit me and follow back so nice to find new friends to catch up with. Have a great day.

    Always Wendy

  2. Oh my how adorable. Love both the tree and the santa hats. Gorgeous.

    Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty!


  3. I love these! So cute! Don't forget to link them to my homemade card linky! I'd love to see them there!

  4. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  5. This is a lovely n perfect craft for this holiday season

  6. Those are really cute and so easy. So sorry for the late reply. I am behind on everything. I am so glad you shared last week on Monday Madness.

  7. So cute and fun. Love that they are cards!

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  8. Those came out great! I do Christmas cards with the kids every year and I just love how these turned out! I would love for you to share on out Made by or for Kids Linky