Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Glitter Pipe cleaners: Gift bows, Ornament, Gift toppers

Gift bows, Ornament, Gift toppers Pipe cleaners

We made glitter stick bows and Gift toppers. Easy to make, inexpensive and perfect for the holiday season

Glitter Stick Bows - They look great as ornament add-on, Gift toppers or just hangings on the tree
Glitter Stick/Fuzzy sticks Bows

Materials Used:

Glitter sticks(Glittery Pipe Cleaner)
TP roll tube

Thanks to for the holiday craft supplies package. 

Steps Overview:

Flatten a TP roll as shown below

Fold it in half as shown

The rectangle shape in the pen sketches below is the folded toilet paper roll.

  1. Wind/twist the Glitter stick around the folded tube as shown below or the pencil sketch

  2. Take the free end of the wind towards the left, insert into the loops

  3. Make a knot including the first free end

  4. Slowly push the winds out and flatten out into a bow shape

Glitter Stick flowers can be used as Gift toppers, to embellish hair bands, Tree ornament
Glitter stick/Pipe cleaner flower

Materials Used:

Glitter sticks(Glittery Pipe Cleaner)
Pom Poms, Buttons
TP roll tube

Thanks to for the pom poms and the glitter sticks

Steps Overview:

Twist free ends of two/more glitter sticks together to form a longer glitter stick

  1. Wind the glitter stick around the folded Toilet paper roll as shown below or in the pen sketch

  2. Take the free end of the loop on the left and insert it into the loops towards the right.

  3. Make a knot with the free ends. Twist and flatten it.
  4. Remove the loops slowly out of the roll.

  5. Stretch out the loops

  6. Flatten it into a flower shape

  7. Embellish with Pom poms/buttons

Don't they look beautiful

Glitter Stick Gift toppers- The steps are same as the flower except that we left them with the fluffy look

Use them as ornament add-on

Gift topper/Package topper
Pipe cleaner/Glitter stick package toppers
CJ wanted one on her head band too*

*Be cautious of the sharp edges on the glitter sticks!


  1. Oh, these are super cute!! My girls would love to make these!
    What a fabulous blog you have here Esther, I am your newest follower! xx

  2. Great idea using the toilet paper roll to make your loops. I love the flowers best. I think a bunch of red poinsettia type flowers made that way would look nice with a stem in a vase. Thanks for sharing your idea with Monday Madness.

  3. Ooh so many cute things made from the humble pipecleaner!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!