Saturday, October 10, 2009

Shape capers: Shape Collage

Paper collage rewinds my memory to school days. It was my obsession at that time. It never striked me to teach the art to my kid. I thought she was too little for the work. Recently I read the book Shape Capers by Cathryn Falwell, in the book the author had given a Shape collage activity for the young readers. More info about the shape capers book can be found here (my other blog - Books I read to my kid).
My daughter was so thrilled and excited to work on the shape collage that she now spots triangles, rectangles, circles and semi-circles. According to me Shape collages reinforce early basic shape recognition.

You will need safety scissors, a glue stick, Poster sheet or chart paper, a marker, a ruler, tracing sheets and a few old magazines.

Draw any shape patterned picture on a Poster sheet or Chart paper.I drew this rocket pattern on the chart paper.

Trace the pattern on a tracing sheet or a gift tissue paper.

Cut the traced pattern into the shapes Rectangles and triangles.

I involved by daughter from this step. Take some old magazine papers, with the tracing paper shapes as reference cut the magazine shapes. Collage or glue in the magazine shapes as needed.

For the Planets and Moon I asked my daughter to spot the circle and semi-circle shapes in the magazines. We cut them and used the shapes. Now that we have completed building the rocket ship, she wants to zoom through the planets :-)


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