Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Oh, Christmas tree

I made these mini trees for Christmas. I wanted to make a bunch of them but didn't have much time and so stopped with two:-((( They are easy to make.

For the trees, I drew a circle 11 inches diameter on a thick construction paper using a circular plate. Then cut the circle in half to form two half circles. For the cone, overlapped the straight edges approximately 1/8 of the circle and taped the edges in place as shown below. The tapes wont be shown in the final trees so I used tapes, You can also glue or staple the edges.

For the first tree, Covered the paper cone with green felt and decorated the tree with bubble garland and Jute string. Topped the tree with a red pom-pom. For the hand-made pom-poms I followed the tutorial from Dana made blog

For the second tree, glued the loose end of the bubble garland at the base of the cone with sticky tape as shown below.

Applied glue on small portion of the cone and wrapped the bubble garland all around. Continued the same until the whole tree was covered. Topped the tree with a small ball ornament.

I created these trees being obsessed by some of the tree projects on web. Here are few of my picks
Paper Christmas tree by Child Made Tutorials
Burlap-Forest by Maya Made
Ruffle Christmas by Shanty 2 Chic
A forest of Christmas whimsy by Polka Dot Pineapple
Felt trees by Oh so Happy Together
Twine Christmas Cone trees by Lemon Tree Creations
People Tree by ikatbag


  1. beautiful tree..i too made this for christmas with babies birth hats....since my camera is under repair ..i cannot post it...thank you dear for participating