Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bag clip to Magnetic clip

We got these clips at Walmart. Found them in the kitchen supplies section. They come in a combo pack, 2 magnetic and 2 bag clips for $0.97.

The magnetic clip reminded me about clothespin magnet post at Zakka life blog and I wanted them to display CJ's artwork on fridge. I love Zakka life blog, she has simple and great crafts. She recycles normal envelopes into beautiful gift pouches.

When I placed the magnetic clip on fridge, the quality of the magnet was not that good and it broke my expectation. The clip kept shaking. J, my husband suggested to add some more magnetic buttons for better magnetic surface.
PS: We have a big pocket of magnetic buttons @home for CJ crafts. We glued on two magnets to the backside of the Magnetic clip on either side of the original magnet. We let it dry and tried it on. Wow! It grips super fast to the fridge!

J came up with one more idea, why don't we add magnetic buttons to the bag clips, they may be useful to hang our notepad. Actually we had a magnetic notepad hanging on the fridge(which we use to write shopping lists, to do lists). But CJ had messed around with it and took off a bulk pile of papers from the notepad.

I glued on three magnets to the backside of the bag clip and ended up converting the two bag clips to magnetic clips. We can also use magnetic tape instead of magnetic buttons..
Convert a bag clip to Magnetic clip

I wash my hand a lot while cooking and wipe my hands in a dish towel. I was always exploring a handy place to hang my dish towel. Finally the dish towel hangs on the side wall of fridge.

I used the small magnetic clips to hang CJ school calendar and art work(oops that's not an art work but CJ wanted to display that when I took picture of the magnetic clip)

These are super easy to make clips. They can be used to organize the fridge door. We can also hang a plain paper and let the kids play around when we are busy in the kitchen. I guess we can also upcycle normal bag clips too!

You can also personalize them with fabric or scrap book paper and enjoy your cute magnetic clip!


  1. Great idea! Thanks for linking up at A Home Made by Kiki!

  2. Wonderful idea :) thanks for linking in at the carnival.

  3. lovely idea! thanks for linking up at our crafty saturday party! can't wait what you have for next week!

  4. Hi,

    I need to invest in those sturdy magnetic clips. Great way to use them.


  5. I did the same thing!
    I then used a label maker - the plain old punch kind- and labeled each clip with a kid's name. Ta da! Instant personalization! (and cheap, too!!)