Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3d Shamrock/clover Bouquet

For St. Patrick's day, we made a bouquet of shamrocks/clovers.
Create paper/felt shamrocks
This is an easy to make project. The tutorial can be used to create spring flowers too!

Materials Used:

Green felt/Green Construction Paper (I used 9" X 12" felt sheet).
Felt Glue

Shamrock Shape Cookie cutter or Heart shape cookie cutter
Green pipe cleaner
Glitter, Decorative beads

Steps Overview:

  1. Using the cookie cutter as reference, Cut the felt sheet into a square/rectangle shape. With my cookie cutter size, I was able to make four clovers from the 9" X 12" sheet.

  2. Fold the rectangle/square into half and fold it again. With the cookie cutter as template draw a petal shape as shown in picture 2
  3. Cut along the outline
  4. Unfold the square/rectangle felt. Shamrock shape ready!
  5. To create the clover stem, run the pipe cleaner through the button hole starting at the bottom of the button and back down through the other hole.
  6. Twist the pipe cleaner to secure the button firmly
  7. Cut a slit to center between two leaves of shamrock as shown in picture 7
  8. Apply glue to a leave next to the slit as shown in picture 10
  9. Bring the glue leave together around the stem, overlapping the leaves. Fasten a clothespin to hold the leaves together until they dry - picture 11
  10. When the leaves are dry, you can decorate the shamrock as you wish
3d Shamrock/clover with the stem!


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