Friday, April 29, 2011

Recycled: Pencil Holder and Scissor Organizer

I recycled a skittles candy box(cylindrical) to a pencils holder. Made this holder to hold CJ's frequently used markers, pencils and pen. It needed an extra compartment to store CJ's scissors and magnifier. She misplaces them often. So I added a small pocket to the outer surface.
 Pencil Holder and Scissor Organizer

While making the holder, I didn't take step by step pictures and so I'm just giving the instructions without photos

All you need is Fabric, Elmer's glue/Fabric Modpodge, Scissors

Place the cylindrical box on the fabric and lightly trace the shape of the box with a pencil/pen. Cut the fabric approximately 1/2 inch bigger then the marked lines. For the fabric I used a shirt hand from CJ's shirt.

Paint the entire outside of the cylindrical can with glue/modpodge and spread the fabric over and flatten it out. Use glue to seal the seam/overlap fabric. Onto the inner opening surface of the can, fold the remaining fabric and glue it. Do the same for the bottom. Cut a rectangular piece of fabric and cover the remaining part of the  bottom circle.

I added a small piece of red fabric to spruce it up.

Cut a pocket from an old shirt and glue it to the outer surface of the holder. An extra compartment to store a small notepad or scissors.


  1. Love the little pocket on the outside! How clever:)
    How do you put the stamp edges to photos?

  2. Thanks Roopa! I use picnik Software to edit my photos. Have you tried picnik software? It's fun to work with the software!

  3. Beautiful...voted for it just nw:)
    Loved it...your tissue box bird too. Came to chk which one is good and was surprised to see tht both were urs:)
    Good Luck!