Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's day card: Fruit mesh bag stamping

CJ loves stamping. In the Easter clearance sale, we purchased a stamp set comprising of Easter stamps and a ink pad. She stamped and stamped every single scrap of paper, her hands...I thought it would be a good idea to create DIY stamps. We used fruit mesh bag,grapes stem,cotton swabs/Q tips as stamps and so here we go with our card!

Stamp beautiful flowers with Q-tips/swabs, Grapes stem for stems and Vase with Fruit Mesh!

Materials used
Grape stem, Fruit mesh, Greeting card, construction Paper/A4 paper, Styrofoam container, Poster paints, Cotton swabs/Q-tips

Steps overview:
  1. Cut the mesh foam to a flower pot shape. Pour some brown paint on a Styrofoam plate. Dip the flower pot shape in the brown paint
  2. Open the greeting card and place a A4 sheet of paper or construction paper on the inner side of the card. Place the painted side of the flower pot on the paper as shown below
  3. Close the greeting card and give a gentle press
  4. Open the greeting card. Remove the flower pot stamp.
  5. Dip the grape stem in green paint. Repeat the above steps. You can also cut a stem shape from the mesh bag(I used grape stem so that CJ can have fun with different textures)
  6. Dip cotton swabs/Q-tip in paint and stamp colorful flowers.

CJ's creativity!

After the stamping fun, CJ wanted to create a card without my help. She got the flowers and glue from my craft box. I gave her construction paper and glue. She created the above card for me:-)


  1. I love the range of materials that you experimented with! I never tire of trying out new printmaking ideas- thank you for these! (and for linking up to It's Playtime too!)

  2. Dear, I want to kiss the little hands in action.
    What a pretty
    Convey my hugs and kisses to the little one and I appreciate your encourgement to the little one.
    God bless dear.

  3. @Anna, Do try! its fun!
    @Viji ma, Sure I will pass on the hugs and kisses!

  4. You've got me wondering now what new things we can try and print with.

  5. Yeah cathy its fun to explore new things!

  6. Perfect stamping - very creative and imaginative! I like!

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!


  7. Esther, I love your ingenuity with the handmade stamps! So creative!

  8. very innovative :)

    Pls disable word verification. I type my comment and move away only to realize word verification is on. I have closed off the page without realizing so many times.

  9. Hi Shruthi,Thanks for the wonderful encouraging comments! Sorry about the word verification, I have that "on" to reduce comment spam. So I can't disable it:-(