Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Icecream King Book: Crown and Ice cream fruit salad

Book - The Ice Cream King

One hot day, a little boy named Teddy Jones freezes at the sight of a brand-new ice cream shop.On his request, his mom takes him to get a treat. While thinking about what kind of ice cream to select, the waiter crowns him with a golden paper crown. Zoom! The Ice cream king(Teddy) enters his kingdom.

Teddy's Ice cream Kingdom has whipped cream lanes, Ice cream mountains and a ice cream fountain, his castle is made of chocolate halls and mint-chip ice cream walls. After wandering through his kingdom, He blasts off in his spaceship up to the ice cream moon past the ice cream meteors. He goes fishing for nuts and cherries in an ice cream sea. He enjoys the Ice cream festival, ice cream hot air balloons and volcanoes that erupt vanilla fudge! Suddenly he realizes, that he is all alone in the kingdom! Ice cream tastes better when you share it with someone. He removes the crown and returns to the real world. He selects a banana split with two spoons. One spoon for mom and one for him.

The delicious, yummy adventure is pictured with vibrant illustrations and delivers an awesome message of sharing. The transition in Teddy's world from real life to ice cream kingdom is beautifully illustrated - The real world is somber with minimum colors whereas Teddy's kingdom is colorful.

In the month of April, We had participated in the Tissue box challenge conducted by the Activity mom and Jdaniel4mom and Earth day bird got us a second prize. We received a set of three paper back books from Tiger Tales books. one of them is Ice cream king. CJ's favorite treat is ice cream and so she enjoys reading the Ice cream king.


We made an upcycled Ice cream king crown and enjoyed our homemade Ice cream Fruit Salad
Ice Cream King Book and a Crown

Ice cream King crown - Upcycled Vegetable box wrap

Supplies needed:

Yellow construction paper
child safe Scissors
Cardboard from Vegetables box

Fold the Construction sheet in half as shown below.

Fold in half other way as shown below

Draw a curve shape as shown above

Let your kid cut along the curve

Unfold the paper

To get two crown shapes, Cut in the middle of the unfold

Remove the sealing edge of vegetable wrap cardboard

Glue one crown piece to the middle of vegetable wrap cardboard

Measure head circumference of your kid by wrapping the cardboard around the head.

Based on the head circumference, Seal the edges into crown shape

Glue the other crown piece to the back side of the crown

If you want you can glue construction paper to the inside of the crown too

Decorate with poms-poms, marker
Ice cream King crown made from vegetable wrap

Crown your king/queen

Ice Cream Fruit Salad


Topped with two scoops of Homemade fat free Soft serve

Yummy Ice cream Fruit Salad


  1. Adding cardboard behind the paper was such a smart idea! Your sundae looks wonderful too.

  2. Oh how fun and how adorable! Love the Ice Cream King crown!!! :-)

    Thank you for linking up to Kids Get Crafty!!! Always a pleasure to have you stop by!


  3. What neat ideas! Your ice cream fruit salad looks delicious!