Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY Party Decorations: Balloon Garland

Balloon Garland

We celebrated CJ's 4th Birthday last month and I made an inexpensive balloon garland decoration. It was a great hit! She was just excited and thrilled to see the string of balloons, every child has an obsession for balloons right! We live in a town home sort of an apartment. I hanged the Balloon garlands on the Stair rails and so when CJ woke up birthday morning it was a pleasant surprise and Balloony welcome!

All you need is a packet of Balloon, Yarn bundle/Balloon string

Method 1: Balloon string secured to the rails

First blow up the balloon. Tie the balloon end to a knot.

Leave about 4-5 inches of the yarn on the free end and knot the yarn to the first balloon as shown below

Tie the free end of the yarn to the rails as shown below

Cut the yarn from the yarn bundle to approx. double the length of the rails and now take the free end of the yarn in the gap between the rails and wall. Bring it out as shown above

Attach a Balloon based on how you want it to hang. I attached it as shown below

Continue the same until the entire rail is filled with balloons

Using the same method, I tied few balloons to the balcony rails

Method 2: Balloon Garland

In this Method, I tied the balloons to the yarn as a Balloon garland. Then tied the garland ends to the rails.
Balloon Garland Birthday decorations

I just love the super easy and less expensive balloon garlands. How fun, they transform the home to a festive look in a hour time or may be less then that if you have more hands to help!
String Balloons with Yarn and Make a Balloon Garland


  1. Oh how sweet! Which little child doesn't like balloons?? Perfect!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Good idea! my son turns four this Friday, I think a balloon garland is in order!

  3. Simple, easy and every kid will love it! :)