Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Very Busy Spider: Spinning spider Web

Craft stick spider web and Egg carton Spider

The story is about a spider's busy day. Blown onto a farmyard fence, she starts her day spinning a web. The farm animals try to divert her, but she persists and produces a beautiful web. After she finishes building the web, She catches a fly with the web. At the end of the book, she sleeps soundly after the day's hard work.


What craft can we do other than spinning a web!

Cardboard and Yarn spider web:

First we tried to make the spider web with cardboard and yarn. I told Cj we are going to make a spider web as in the busy spider book and we took a cardboard from our recycle bin. She said mommy I can do it!, I can do it. After that I was just sneaking on what she was doing.

She cut four pieces of cardboard and made the fence structure as in the book

After Cj completed the fence structure, she asked mommy can you help to create the web. I tied the yarn to one of the fence as shown below

We made few slits on the four sides of fence and CJ played around with the yarn to create the below spider web

But it didn't look like the one in the book, So we tried one more method. We made slits on the sides of a rectangle cardboard and We played around with yarn

Not quiet right:-(

Craft stick and Yarn web:

After the trial and error play with cardboard, we made the web with craft sticks and yarn.

I think this one turned out good. What do you say?

Materials needed: Yarn, Craft sticks, glue and a piece of cardboard

Steps overview

Cut the cardboard to get two small squares - dimensions approx 3 inches X 3 inches.

Glue the craft sticks to the one square piece of cardboard as shown below

Glue the other piece of cardboard on top of the sticks. Let it dry.

Tie the yarn to one of the craft sticks as shown

Twist the thread around the next craft stick in a spiral pattern and continue spinning the web

When the web is complete, secure the loose end of yarn to one of the sticks.

For bigger spider web, dowel sticks can be used.

Cj wanted to make a busy spider for her web. We made one using egg carton and pipe cleaners.

Busy spider with her web


  1. What a VERY VERY cute spider. I love it! And the whole craft is brilliant. So many fabulous elements to it!

    Thanks for linking to Kids Get Crafty!


  2. We've made the popsicle stick web before and love it! I am in love with your egg carton spider! That is so clever!

  3. This counts as an entry in the Summer Reading Challenge. Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

    Love that you made the web and the spider!

  4. Absolutely creative, Esther! I am seeing this with my daughter and she's loving it!

  5. Rashmie, I feel glad that parri like it!

  6. This is a fantastic project- I love it! Thank you for sharing this idea with us on The Sunday Showcase ;-)

  7. I love this book. We will have to do this the next time we read it!