Thursday, September 8, 2011

Symmetry finger paint art

Sometime back I had a post about the squeeze paint and fold art. CJ was pretty impressed with the art. This time we created symmetry fold art using finger paints.

We used Creativity for Kids Finger Prints kit. But you can also use washable paints or make homemade finger paints using the recipe from Hands on as we grow blog

Materials Used:

Finger paints/Washable paints
Small Foam paint roller
Cookie tray/ finger paint tray

Steps overview:

Fold a sheet of paper horizontally or vertically or Diagonally.

Unfold the paper again.

Draw a half heart(or any half symmetry image) as shown below and let your kid fill in colors.
[***you can either draw or use templates from the link mentioned at the end of the post]

Fold the paper back over again and press thoroughly with hand to transfer paint from one half to another

Peel Open and Tada! Beautiful symmetry art!

Since CJ didn't press the fold well, the paint was missing at some places in the other half. For better results, we ran the foam Paint roller on the fold to transfer the paint

Symmetry art - Girl




I was thinking to create some templates for the symmetry art. But then I just googled for symmetry work sheets and stumbled upon this site They have a bunch of links under symmetry work sheets, in that I feel the cut and fold symmetry pdf can be used as the symmetry art pages.


  1. Lovely.. lovely awesome!!

  2. How wonderful to explore all the different patterns and shapes. Do think the little girl picture is brilliant :-)

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty! You are such a fab fab "linker". Always appreciate you stopping by.


  3. Thank you Maggy! Thank you for your encouraging comments!

    I just love to take part in the kids get crafty linky!

  4. Love the prints and thanks for linking up to The Sunday Showcase

  5. oh, I really love the symmetry girl!!! you are always up to something fun!


  6. Learning Time and MoreOctober 24, 2011 at 4:17 AM

    what a great idea! your girls are quite the artists. this is on my list to do the fall and winter.