Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wite-out correction tape: Line art - a failed project::-(

In the back to school sale, I got a wite-out correction tape to create secret messages painting. I thought it would be a different medium of painting too. CJ was so eager to use it from the day we bought it. I was holding her for quiet a long time and then suddenly I got the idea of creating Line art using the correction tape. But all the excitement of CJ got ruined because the tape came out loose, off the reel just when we drew a small line. It didn't work after that, I tried to rewind but a vain attempt. Trying to figure out how to upcycle the tape!

I outlined a spider web on a black construction paper

I was thinking to create a beautiful spider web with the wite out tape. So I let CJ to draw on the lines with the wite-out tape.


CJ was all geared up to create a spider web. So we continued drawing on the lines with Crayola Non-toxic Anti-Dust White Chalk.

The black construction paper was acting just like a chalk board so CJ continued with her own creativity!

Spider web!

Do I draw better than mommy?

Baa! Baa! Black sheep!

No idea why the sheep is having so many legs!


  1. Aaah it may have "failed at first", but the final drawings are lovely :-)

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. Lovely.. and so what if it failed.. the sheet is toooooooooo cute!! with all its legs.. its still gorgeous!!

  3. It is a fun idea! The tape is probably too tough to manipulate. The white out liquid would probably be fun to paint with. It won't necessarily make a secret message, since it can't be rubbed off, but it will be a different medium to work with. Would love to hear how it goes once you try it out!