Thursday, October 27, 2011

Magic Painting: Appearing Ghost and..

When I saw the Ghost jokes painting at boredom busting mommy, I knew CJ would love it. We made magic paintings to go along with our all-time favorite Chant In the Dark, Dark woods.

Crayon resist: In the dark, dark woods story

  1. In the Dark, Dark Woods
  2. In the Dark, Dark Woods, there was a Dark, Dark House
  3. In the Dark, Dark House, there was a Dark, Dark Stair
  4. And up the Dark, Dark Stair, there was a Dark, Dark door
  5. And behind the Dark, Dark door, there was a Dark, Dark Shelf
  6. And In Dark, Dark Shelf, there was a Ghost!

Materials Used:
White Paper
white crayons
Black Poster paint/Tempera paint

Steps Overview:
1. Draw the pictures/scenes with white crayons on white papers
2. Paint the paper with black colors and see the pictures appear.


1 comment:

  1. fun idea! my students always loved that chant - thanks for reminding me! I have to do it w/my girls