Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Day 5: Play Dough Exploration

Day 5 Challenge: PlayDough Exploration

Step 1: Make some play dough together and let your child help with the measuring, stirring and kneading!

Step 2: Go around the house and garden, looking for unusual objects to collect into bowls. Stones, pebbles, feathers,...

Step 3: Lay out all the objects with the play dough and start exploring together!

We played!

Step 1: CJ loves kneading and mixing. So generally we make white play dough and then knead in colors.

During Halloween, we made a batch of play doughs and so we used them for our play

Halloween play dough
Black - Grape flavor kool-aid + white play dough*
Orange - Orange flavor kool-aid + white play dough*

We also made pink, green and blue using food coloring

*White play dough recipe - here or you can also use the recipe from The Imagination Tree site posted with the challenge (see the above link). Do visit her site for a variety of play dough recipes!

Step 2: I looked around the house and found some silly bands. I handed them to CJ

Step 3: CJ had fun exploring with the silly shapes.

But after few minutes of play, she started to make her own creations

We have been doing The very Hungry Caterpillar book - life cycle of Butterfly crafts that she made one with play doughs.

Play Dough: Life cycle of Butterfly (Oh my pinky girl!)
Play Dough: Life cycle of Butterfly

1. Pink Egg, 2. Hungry Caterpillar, 3. Cocoon- caterpillar covered with black dough, 4. Butterfly

Feeding food to her hungry caterpillar 

Colorful Hungry Caterpillar

A Spider with Mustache and Beard

Finally a spider web with a family of spiders (CJ says the ball structures are spiders)


  1. Cute playdough ideas. We LOVE playdough.

  2. How fun!! I would love it if you would share it at my sharing party at http://craftymomsshare.blogspot.com/2011/11/sharing-saturday-5.html. Thank you!

  3. You have been amazing at joining in at all the Play Challenge activities. Such fun at your house.

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  4. kool-aid play dough yet another item on my to do list! the girls would love the scents! I hope to do some during our upcoming 5 senses week!

    Thanks for sharing this on the sunday showcase. I look forward to seeing what you'll share this week.