Monday, November 21, 2011

Jingle Bracelet/Ornament

We made Jingle Bracelet and Ornaments using the Holiday craft supplies we received from Thanks once again for the supplies! In the box of supplies, CJ's most favorite is the glitters, Jingle bells and the Tri-beads. As soon as we got the box of supplies, She came up with the idea of threading the Tri-beads with glitter sticks to make a Jingle Bracelet.

kid made Jingle Bell Bracelet

Materials Used:

Glitter Sticks/Pipe cleaners
Jingle Bells

Steps Overview:

Form a loop structure as soon below at one end of the glitter sticks. The loop structure will hold the beads from falling and will be helpful in forming the bracelet shape/wreath.

Start threading the beads. CJ decided the colors of beads and she threaded in a random order. You can thread the beads in a pattern.

Once you have threaded to desired length, String in the Jingle bells.

Insert the free end into the loop and Twist the ends together. Push the twisted ends in between the Jingle bells and hide the ends. Festive Bracelet ready!

We also made wreath ornaments by fastening a ribbon to the bracelets!

Jingle Bell and Tri bead Ornament


  1. So sweet-- you always share the most amazing stuff!!


  2. Amazing ideas for jewellery. All of them look beautiful.

  3. CJ is super clever! Love these :) Thanks for linking up! Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Oh my these are adorable! They would look great as ornaments too.. but do love the jingle jingle bells as bracelets :-)

    Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty!


  5. Wow ! how beautiful !! Thanks for linking to the party !!

  6. aaaawwww... super cute!! :-)

  7. Adorabe, a really wonderful project! thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday and hope to see you back in January!