Wednesday, November 23, 2011

No-carve: Play dough and Pumpkin Turkey

Do you still have pumpkins laying around? CJ had lots of fun decorating a Pumpkin into a turkey.
Create a Pumpkin Turkey

CJ was playing with play dough yesterday and all of a sudden she got a messy idea of putting the dough into the gift boxes under the Christmas tree. She thought that was a pretty cool idea! To distract her I suggested "why don't you decorate the pumpkin with play dough". CJ was very much satisfied with the idea and started playing with play dough and pumpkin

I saw this wonderful idea of decorating pumpkins with play dough over at Teach Preschool blog hosted by Deborah. If you haven’t been over to her blog, or her Facebook page(25021 likes) please take a look. She has a fabulous website with lot of educational and fun hands-on Preschool activities

When CJ covered the pumpkin stem with the play dough, the pumpkin looked like a turkey. So I asked her whether she wanted to make a turkey and immediate response was "YES". I gave her some feathers and She made a pumpkin turkey!


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