Monday, February 6, 2012 Sand art Review + Giveaway

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Congrats Roopa shri, Entry #6, I Will be contacting you by mail! is Showing the Love to the followers. We received a fun Made by me Sand art kit to review and you know what one of my lucky readers is going to get one too! Keep reading, I have the details of the giveaway at the end.

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CJ was pretty excited to get the kit because it's the first time she got to play with colored sand.

She unpacked the kit and we spread out the bottles.

Then we thought of different ways to play and came up with few interesting, fun creations

Pendant Bottles

The first item that caught CJ's attention was the pendant bottles. One thing I liked about the bottles is the embossed beautiful heart and star shape. So we wanted to highlight them. I let CJ to color the embossed designs with permanent markers.

Then we filled one bottle with yellow color sand and the other with different patterns of sand

CJ had little difficulty at the first go, she was in a hurry and poured some of the sand out. So I poured some of the sand into a cup and let her pour. This time she found it easy. The lesson's learnt is it would be better to use a measuring spoon.

CJ admiring her creation

Aquarium/Sea scene

Fill a bottle with blue Sand and paint fishes on top of the bottle- Pretend Aquarium

I thought CJ would have fun creating a Sand art, in that intention I encouraged CJ to fill some of the bottles with single color sand. The flat and round shape bottle looked perfect to make a sea scene. So we filled the bottle with light blue and dark blue sand. On the outside of the bottle, CJ painted sun, water and I helped her to draw the fishes.

You can also fill up one half of the bottle with green sand and other half with blue. Draw few blooming flowers!

We made few beautiful pattern sand art bottles following the instructions given with the kit

CJ loved to showcase her artwork

The Next day, we took out some of the single colored sand and made an Upcycled Glass sand art. Stay tuned for the tutorial

Wrong side view of the Sand art

A closer view!

Since we removed the sand out of the pendant bottle, I let CJ to decorate the bottle with Nail polish. you can also use acrylic paint. CJ calls it as a pixie dust bottle!

As I had mentioned in the starting of the post, is graciously showing their love by offering the kit free to one of my readers(US residents only, sorry to my international readers!)

To Win:
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  10. 1. I love the sea scene and pendant. Sand art are so much fun...
    2. Liked CraftprojectIdeas in FB, subscribed in Youtube
    3. Following your blog in GFC

    hope I am qualified now :)

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