Wednesday, February 29, 2012

T-Shirt Makeover: Sticker resist fabric painting

Do you involve your kids in T-shirt Makeover? CJ and I have been playing around with fabric paint and painting our T-shirts. CJ loves her new coloring pages(T-shirts)

Remember our Heart Doily and Bubble Wrap prints? This time it's sticker resist painting on our T-shirts. We love Sticko stickers sold at Walmart and CJ often grabs them. CJ wanted to use the butterfly stickers to decorate her Shirt. I told her that the stickers have to be removed when we wash them. She got very sad and that gave me an idea to make a Sticker resist painting on her T-shirt.

CJ loves her Butterfly Shirt, She loved it so much that she insisted on my T-shirt makeover

Here is closer view of my shirt

CJ wears her Butterflies shirt often, grinning with esteem
Kids can make their T-shirt Makeover with sticker resist painting

Materials Used:

Sticko stickers/Foam Stickers/Laser Stickers
Fabric Paints/Acrylic Paint(I prefer Fabric paints)
Freezer Paper
Clip Board/Cardboard to place inside the T-shirt
Paint Brush

Steps Overview:

The Sticker resist painting on T-shirt is so simple as that.

Place a Cardboard or clipboard inside the T-shirt so that the paint won't bleed through.

Make any shape outline on the shirt with a washable marker. We made a heart.

Stick the stickers inside the shape. CJ wanted a Family of Butterflies. So she put a Daddy, Mommy and Baby Butterfly.

Paint fabric paint inside the shape. Let it dry. Remove the stickers and you have a white butterflies in the place of Stickers. I was thinking to have it white But CJ wanted to paint them. So she colored the white Butterflies purple. Set the fabric paint according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Closer view of the painting!

In the above heart, we had little bit of paint messed up on the top, I added a purple border to adjust it. So while making the sticker resist painting on my T-shirt, I used Freezer paper stencil

Sticker Resist painting inside a Freezer Paper Stencil

Using Freezer Paper Stencil is really easy and gives a neater finish.

Cut a Square/Rectangle shape of Freezer paper. Fold the freezer paper in half such that the papery side is up. Using a heart template draw a half heart.

Cut on the outline and Unfold the Freezer paper. Heart stencil is ready

Iron the freezer paper with the shiny side down onto your shirt.

Check all the edges of the heart to see that they're sealed well, otherwise the paint will sweep out of the heart shape

Stick the Stickers inside the heart stencil

Paint on inside the heart covering the whole heart. Because I didn't have light blue fabric paint, I used both Acrylic paint and fabric paints. But I prefer fabric paint over acrylic paint. Acrylic paint gives a stiff look to the fabric.

Once the paint dries, pull off your stickers and the stencil. CJ most favorite step, She likes to see the butterfly shapes
Sticker Resist painting on T-shirt/Fabric

Sticker Resist Butterfly prints

I like it with out the colors but my little girl won't let me. So we painted the butterflies

Set the fabric paint according to the manufacturer's instructions.

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