Thursday, March 8, 2012

What makes a Rainbow Book: Rainbow Play dough

Playdough Rainbow


What Makes a Rainbow?: A Magic Ribbon Book (Pop up board book)

Little Rabbit and his mother are waiting under a red flower petal umbrella(shelter for the Rain). When the rain stops, Momma says soon we will see a rainbow. Little Rabbit asks his mother "What makes a rainbow?" She says him to find out the answer from his friends. As little Rabbit asks his friends(insects and animal) in the forest, each one tells him a different color based on their own color. At the end of the book, the Mama rabbit concludes RAIN, COLORS and SUNSHINE makes a rainbow.

CJ loves Pop up books and so it became her favorite. CJ enjoys seeing the different colored ribbons that appear with the turn of each page and finally the pop up rainbow. ADORABLE RAINBOW book!


We made a Rainbow with Rainbow Play dough!

Rainbow Play dough:

Regarding the Rainbow play dough,we made a batch of cooked white Play dough, recipe from Tinker lab site. They turned out super soft! Thanks to Rachelle, Tinker lab for the wonderful recipe!

For the Rainbow colors

Red - Red food coloring + White play dough

Orange - Orange kool aid + White (you can check our kool-aid play dough here)

Yellow - few drops of Neon green Food coloring + White

Green - Green food coloring + white

Blue - Neon Blue food coloring + white

Purple - Neon Purple food coloring + white

DIY Play dough Mat:

To make your own play dough mats simply laminate Construction papers. We created different color Play dough mats. Blue for the sky and Sea backgrounds, Green for grass and white for any other creations

I just laminated plain sheets so that we can draw outlines with Dry erase marker/window markers on top of the lamination. Contact paper can also be used.

I love the idea of using window markers on the laminated sheets because there are easy to wipe off and you can reuse the mat.

Drew a outline of rainbow with window markers on the laminated sheet. you can also use dry erase marker.

CJ loved the idea of play dough rainbow. It is a good way to reinforce order of the rainbow colors. CJ knows the order of the colors, we have been doing lot of Rainbow activities from quiet a long time.

CJ loves Pink color so she added pink band too!

She got so involved that she wanted to add more color bands!

Rainbow Inspirations from Blogger friends

The Rainbow Story by Shruthi on Mindful Meanderings. CJ loves the story so much that I have to tell her the story daily at bedtime. She says Mommy tell the Grandma, girl and Rainbow story. Do check the Story on her blog!

Paper Rainbows and Spray water on washable marker rainbow drawings to create Beautiful rainbows by Teach Preschool

Rainbow Sponge painting on Hands on as we grow

Love all the rainbows Mom 2 posh divas created using Prism. The pictures are amazing!

Have you made/played with play dough mats, Would love to hear from you?

Stay tuned for some more play dough fun!


  1. Love your 3-D rainbow with play dough. The person is cute too!

  2. Love the playdough rainbow idea.. How did you laminate your sheets? at a shop or at home?
    and thanks for mentioning the rainbow story :) so glad CJ likes it too.

  3. can I use this for today's book worm friday???

  4. I laminate them @home Shruthi!

  5. Love that book and your playdough activity.

  6. Fun Fun Fun - My kids would just want to mash the colors together to see what color is makes =) Thanks for linking up to LOVE books and sharing your LOVE of books and activities with others!

    1. ha ha ha! That happens here too! Now its a multicolored play dough!

  7. We have that book somewhere around here, too. I'm going to have to go hunting for it now. I love that book! And I love how you made the play-doh mats, too. Thanks for the inspiration. And thanks for linking up with us at the Kids Co-op!

  8. I will so use your formulas for colors. Great ideas in the post! Thank you for linking to Read. Explore.Learn.

  9. We have this book, and I love it. Just started following along.

  10. Love the connection of the book with the play dough lesson and the DIY play dough mats are great too.
    We have that book in our collection and my 6 year old still asks me to read it to her at bedtime.
    Thanks so much for linking up and sharing with me!

    Pink and Green Mama