Wednesday, October 24, 2012 craft supplies

We are excited to show off the craft supplies we got from
Before we left to India, we got one of the box and while we were gone one more box of Back to school supplies.

I mailed Craft Project Ideas that we were on a break and will get back to crafting soon. They were gracious to sent a box of crafts for the Holiday Season. Thank you! is a website full of kids' arts and crafts projects for preschool Children to Tweens. Do check the page, they have a collection of craft project ideas with step-by-step instructions to inspire kids with arts and crafts. Products featured on the site are all sold at the Kids’ Crafts aisle in Walmart stores. You can also browse the online catalog of products!

Mother's Day Craft supplies

CJ loved the ultimate fuzzy princess kit and the triangle brushes. The Triangle Brushes were perfect for her hands.

Back to School Craft Supplies box

In the Box, Cj's favorite was the folding hair brush and Mirror.

The lunch Tote was perfect to fit in all the craft supplies

The recent box of supplies. The Glitter glue is CJ's favorite. She had always wanted the glue from WALMART. Thank you Craft Project Ideas!

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