Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Glitter Glue Pumpkins: No-carve Pumpkin

Mini Pumpkins + Glitter Glue --> Beautiful glitter Pumpkin
Glitter Glue Pumpkins

Cj loves to decorate the pumpkins with glitter. But I'm worried of the mess, glitter dust. So we used Glitter glue to decorate the pumpkins, not messy and sparkly pumpkins. Thank you for the glitter glue.

All you Need:

Steps Overview:

Start drawing/playing around the pumpkin with glitter glue

We made dots on one pumpkin

Swirls on one pumpkin

Random lines on the other

Let the Pumpkins to dry

The three little pumpkins sitting on the Table

1 comment:

  1. I Love how you used the glitter glue! The bright colors look awesome against the orange pumpkins.