Saturday, March 28, 2009

Egg Shell Penguin

Egg Shell Penguin

This time I tried making Penguin with an Egg shell.

Materials Used:

Broken Egg shell(Semi Oval shape)
A Bottle cap with Nozzle
Black Foam sheet/Felt cloth
Craft Glue
Circular container lid

Steps Overview:
  • Break Egg shells as in previous post - Egg shell Tulips and Wash them in soapy water
  • Glue cotton layers in the hollow part of the circular container lid to give a snowy effect. I had used yogurt container lid
  • Cut these shapes: two wings and two webbed feet from Craft foam or felt sheet
  • Glue the webbed feet on to the snowy cotton layer. Glue the Egg shell on top of the feet, make sure the feet should be seen out of egg shell
  • Glue the wings to the sides of Egg shell.
  • Paint the Egg shell as shown in the picture below. Glue the nozzle bottle cap as head of the penguin
  • Paint black color as shown for the beaks and head
  • Complete the penguin by drawing eyes and painting yellow color as you wish. I have used black Bindi for penguin eyes


  1. Oh my!!!! HOW CUTE! I remember painting eggs as a child, but this is quite something!

    Thank you for sharing it with us on Kids Get Crafty!!!


  2. This is truly such a fabulous idea! Kerri

  3. cute dear...on seeing this i remember the crafts which we designed for our wedding aarathis for welcoming my hubby ....we did a similar one as a chick,which was thought during our school days with eyedrops cap.lovely memories

  4. My sister had this as her project. She was supposed to make a penguin using an egg shell. We needed guidance. We dint find it in any other site. Thank you!!!
    And by the way.. this idea is really awesome!

  5. Harshitha, I feel glad that the egg shell craft was useful for your sister project.

    Thanks for letting me know!


  6. Thank you for all the effort of sharing all of your magnificent crafts with us regarding animals! The BLOGHOP for the World Animal Day organisation looks playful and creative this way!

    Angelique & the WAD organisation