Monday, March 30, 2009

Go Green Kitchen Tissue Holder

We have many designs of kitchen tissue holders in market. They come in variety - wooden, steel and have appealing looks. But why spend money on them when we can make one to serve the purpose. Designed one to decorate my kitchen counter top. This Kitchen tissue holder is made up of Cardboard and Kitchen Tissue tube. These are all Recycling items.
Materials Used:

An assortment of cardboard boxes
marker or pen
Utility knife or scissors
Paper tape or masking tape
Craft Glue

Steps Overview:
  • Trace circular shape of the full kitchen tissue roll on a Cardboard box or mat sheet. Mark the center of the circle.
  • Draw Square shape on the cardboard with measurements greater then the diameter of the circle drawn above. The pictorial is shown below. I was lazy to make perfect measurement so i have just made approx
  • Slit the Kitchen tissue tube in vertical position. Roll the kitchen tissue tube back to a smaller cylinder as shown below. Make small cuts at every 1 cm or 2 cm and the cuts should be about 3 cm deep, you get a fringe at the base as shown below. Since 3 cm of the kitchen tissue tube is going inside, cut about 6cm length of another kitchen tissue roll and stick to the cylinder to give a taller cylinder

  • Cut a small circular impression at the center of the cardboard shape drawn in step 1 with measurement as of the above fringed cylinder.
  • Insert the fringed portion of the cylinder into the impression.
  • Glue the fringes to the the cardboard as shown below.

  • The Fringes should give a solid hold on the cardboard. If cylinder is not solid on the cardboard, you may use paper tape to secure it.
  • I have used Reynolds wrap to give a steel look to the tissue holder. Wrap the cylinder and cardboard with Reynolds wrap.
  • Glue one more cardboard, same measurement as the old one to give a solid base.
  • Take a small rectangular cardboard piece, with Length of the rectangle equal to side of the square base. Glue the rectangular cardboard to one side of the square cardboard. Make a Small notch on the Rectangular cardboard as shown below.
  • This small notch will hold the free end of the kitchen tissue.
  • I have used my daughter building block set on top of the cylinder to give a neat look.
  • Here u go!!!! Kitchen Tissue holder is ready.
  • One more entry for Shama's Paper Crafts Event


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