Thursday, April 9, 2009

Go Green Remote Control Organizer

Go green Remote control organizer

E:C don't play with the remote!! (C is my 21 months old daughter)
J(My Husband): Esther Where's the remote??... The remote is missing!!
J: Esther How did the settings change? Was C playing with the remote!!!

Does it sound familiar to you?? The above voices where heard often in our house.
We were getting tired of misplacing remotes and my daughter playing with the remote. To keep the remote handy we started keeping the remotes on kitchen counter top and of course it will not be reachable to my daughter. Now the Kitchen counter top was crowded with the three remote controls (TV, DVD Player and Dish TV). I came across a remote control organizer in a shopping mall. But I was not interested in spending money on that. I wanted to design one:-)

Few days back I read this book Paper house : handmade paper crafts for your home by Mary Ann Hall. It was a very good book and they had used a framework to create a paper-strip lipstick cabinet. I have used the same framework to create the organizer.

Materials used:
Cardboard boxes, Ruler, Craft knife, Craft Scissors, Glue, News papers, Color paper

Draw the pattern given below onto the Cardboard or Mat Board.
Remote control organizer template

Below picture shows the pattern drawn on cardboard

Using the craft knife/Scissors cut the pattern from the cardboard. Fold on the lines mentioned as fold and turn the board over.

Bend in point A to meet A, Point B to meet B and so forth. Make sure the Edges are aligned. Adjust as needed. Secure the Shelf edges with paper tape. I didn't have paper tapes So just used glued Newspaper strips.

Tear newspapers into 1" strips. Pour white glue into disposable container and dilute by 10 percent. Using a paintbrush, apply the glue to a strip of newspaper and apply the strip to the organizer; start by covering all adjoining edges and apply the strips horizontally. Be sure to overlap edges of the strips as you go and start and end the strips in a staggered fashion. Continue until the entire organizer, front and back, has been covered with at least three layers of strips as shown below. Let dry completely.

In the book they had painted the entire cabinet with acrylic paint. I left it as a paper collage.

Hurray I thought the organizer is completed but the remotes kept falling inside. My husband suggested me to either make some strings to hold the remotes or make some holes in a cardboard and fix it to the organizer so that it holds the remote in place. I have used the second method.

Trace the bottom part of the remote on a mat board or chart paper as shown in the picture with label 1. Measure the traced pattern. Draw rectangular shapes with the measurement. Using the craft knife cut the pattern from the chart.

Fill the organizer cabinet with shredded or crushed newspaper as shown below. These will act as a cushion for the remotes.

Glue the patterned board or chart paper as shown below.

Now leave it as a collage organizer or decorate with color paper. I have wrapped it with brown and black color paper. Stuck a foam giraffe to give appealing look.

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