Thursday, April 9, 2009

Egg shell and Tp roll Tin Soldier Man

Egg shell and Toilet paper roll Tin Soldier man

One more toy for my daughter - Tin Soldier man or Nutcracker Soldier. It's a Simple toy made out of Toilet paper tube and Egg shell.
Materials used:
Toilet paper tube
Egg shell
Bottle cap
Craft Sticks
Small card board box
coloring pens or sketch pens
Foam sheet or Felt cloth
Craft Glue

Steps Overview:
  1. Break the Egg at the boarder end, drain the Egg yolk and wash the egg shell in soapy water. Allow the egg shell to dry.
  2. Fill the egg shell with cotton. Draw the face of the soldier. Attach the bottle cap to the broken part of the egg shell. Decorate the bottle cap as the soldier cap. Keep this aside.
  3. Draw a line in the center of the toilet paper tube to make into two halves. Wrap the Toilet paper tube with red color paper at the top and blue color paper at the bottom.
  4. Break a craft sticks into two. Each halve will become the hand of the solider. Stick the craft sticks as hands.
  5. Take two craft sticks and stick them to the inside of the blue part of Toilet paper tube in vertical position. This will become legs of the soldier.
  6. Now stick the Egg head of the Soldier man to the toilet paper tube.
  7. Tin soldier man is almost done. Now draw and decorate as per your wish. I have used black foam sheets as shoes, yellow foam sheets to create medals and collar of the soldier. white foam strips to give soldier uniform look.
  8. I have stuck the soldier man to a Soap box. This will give support for the soldier man to stand.
This is my entry for shama's Paper Crafts Event


  1. Hi Ester, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving ur comments... which bought me here to your wonderful world of crafts. All your works are amazing! I'm flattered by your creativity!

  2. Hi Ester, thanks for visting my son's blog. He was very excited to receive comments. It made me sooo happy. Thank u so much :)

  3. In all happiness, i forgot to mention how cute the soldier is :) Will try it with my son.