Saturday, May 2, 2009

Organizing Laundry Room

In the mood to get organized, I was browsing for Organizing tips and came across this website orgjunkie hosted by Laura. They have a monthly round up on Closets and Cup boards Organizing wherein participants can share the before and after photos of there closet and cupboard organization.
I decided to organize our laundry room. In fact we use it as a Storage room because we don't have a washer and dryer at home. I was thinking to start the work when my daughter goes for a nap. But seemed like she heard my mind voice and she was playing. I asked her whether she was ready to help and she nodded yes..

Here we go...

We store the package cardboard boxes. May be they will be of great help in packaging when we relocate. Below are the pictures of the piled up cardboard boxes. Recently we bought a slide for my daughter and the box is occupying the major walk in space. Grocery bags and bubble sheets thrown here and there.

Before pictures

After pictures

Piled up same size cardboard. Moved the Big cardboard boxes to the wall in vertical position.

With the "Go Green" and "Recycling" Banners everywhere, I was discussing with my husband that we will start recycling the Advertisement Newspapers, Magazines. But I forgot to tell him where I have kept the papers. So I decided to keep some separate cardboard boxes and Labeled them for recycling papers, magazines and Cereal boxes, cardboard. I use empty cereal boxes and Toilet roll tubes for my crafts. My daughter helped me in sorting out the paper and cardboard. We kept the Bubble sheets and grocery bags into a cardboard box.

Now we have some walk in space created and may be I can keep some of my daughter outdoor toys!!

Finally we completed arranging the stuff in 2 hours. I felt a great sense of achievement in getting my daughter engaged with me in the organizing stuff.


  1. That's fantastic! Thanks so much for joining in the round-up!


  2. You did an amazing job! I especially like how you reused material to hold your recycling.

  3. Laura and Patricia thanks for the encouraging comments