Sunday, May 3, 2009

Handset, Cellphone Holder

In my previous post I had completed organizing the Remote controls on the kitchen counter top but still the kitchen counter top is not organized.. We had the phone handset and cellphone lying in there. You may ask why I have to keep the Handset on kitchen counter top only, again its my daughter she made 911 calls(emergency calls) playing with it. time for one more organizer:-)

Materials used:
Craft glue
Color papers
Craft scissors/knife

Steps Overview:
  • Draw the pattern given below on the cardboard. I wanted three compartments. So I have drawn some parallel dashed lines to split the holder as shown in the pattern below.

  • Using the craft knife/Scissors cut the pattern from the cardboard while cutting leave a one inch space as shown above. This space will be useful in fastening the edges. Cut the parallel lines to make a notch.
  • Fold on the 4" X 5" square. Make sure the edges are aligned. Adjust as needed. As you can note I have kept 1 inch borders to align. Secure the shelf edges with glue. The holder frame will look as below.

  • Take two cardboard pieces: 1st cardboard size: 5" X 4" and 2nd cardboard size: 2" X 4". stick the two cardboard to give a shape as __|__. Fit the inverted shape in the notches created. I think this place is pretty confusing. Sorry I failed to picture this.
  • Tear newspapers into 1" strips. Pour white glue into disposable container and dilute by 10 percent. Using a paintbrush, apply the glue to a strip of newspaper and apply the strip to the organizer; start by covering all adjoining edges and apply the strips horizontally. Be sure to overlap edges of the strips as you go and start and end the strips in a staggered fashion. Continue until the entire organizer, front and back, has been covered with at least three layers of strips as shown below. Let dry completely.
  • Then paint or decorate as desired. I used a red color paper bag cover to cover the holder. Decorated with hand made fringed paper flowers and a Paper rose. For tutorials on fringed flowers and qulling patterns please visit Inna's Creations blog.
  • In the three compartments: Handset goes into the 1st, Cellphone and blue tooth goes into 2nd, Phone Book and pens in the bigger space. Now while on call I don't have to search for paper or pen to note down a phone number.

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  1. Loved all your craft ideas..especially the cross stitch in sieve..the top u made for your daughter was lovely..will keep coming back for more ideas