Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nativity Scene: Nativity Figures

Generally we buy the Nativity set and arrange them in a creative way. Inspired by the Nativity set tutorial made from Spool dolls, I created an DIY Nativity Scene but I have used Empty glue sticks and unusable ball ornaments to make the Nativity figures. The best part is it's made of recycling items.

Materials Used:
Empty glue Sticks
1 inch size Ball Ornament(with the hanger broken) or 1 inch size Pom-Pom
Small pieces of old cloth
Felt Cloths
Craft Glue
Small piece of yarn
Permanent Markers

Steps overview:
  • Remove the cap from the Glue stick and remove the inner plastic layer in the glue stick neck with a craft knife as shown in picture below.
  • For Mother Mary and St. Joseph, take the unusable Ball ornament and glue on the neck portion of the ball inside the empty glue stick neck as shown in below pictures. For Baby Jesus glue on the Ball Ornament to a Glue stick Cap as shown in below pictures.

  • Now dress up Baby Jesus, Mother Mary and St. Joseph as you wish. I have used few scraps of old dresses and Felt cloth for the dress up. Holes in my shiny Veneer has a very detailed tutorial on the dressing up of nativity spool dolls .

1 comment:

  1. that was a very creative way to make mary, joseph, and baby jesus.
    good job!