Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Butterfly ornament

My 2 year old likes to paint. She creates modern art :-)). Last week She created the below painting.

Recently I read a blog post about the butterfly ornament oh so happy together had made with her kid. Inspired by the post, my daughter and I created this butterfly ornament from her painting.

Materials Used:
Empty glue Sticks
1 inch size Ball Ornament(with the hanger broken) or 1 inch size pom-pom
Red Felt Cloth
Craft Glue
Glitter glue
Pipe cleaner
Magazine paper or scrapbook paper

Steps Overview:
  • Take the below items Empty Glue stick, Unusable Ball ornament/pom pom, Pipe-cleaner
  • Remove the cap from the Glue stick and remove the inner plastic layer in the glue stick neck with a craft knife as shown in picture below.
  • Glue on the unusable ball ornament to the neck of the empty glue stick.
  • For the body of the butterfly, glue on red felt cloth around the empty glue stick. Glue on the pipe cleaner antennas to the back of ball ornament
  • For the butterfly wings, Draw the Butterfly shape on the painting created by my your kid and cut out the butterfly shape
  • Cut out a bigger shape of the butterfly from an old magazine or scrapbook
  • Glue body of the butterfly to the butterfly wings. Then I let my daughter to decorate the butterfly with glitters
  • Clip the butterfly to Christmas tree with clothespin.


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