Thursday, December 24, 2009

Santa Claus Mask/Ornament

Santa Claus Mask/Ornament
The below pirate mask was given to all kids who attended Pirate story time @the library. The simple design of the pirate mask tempted me to create a similar Santa Claus Mask for my 2 yr old. The Pirate mask is made of Foam sheets. I made the Santa Claus Mask from Foam sheets and colored Felt Scraps, used few strips of white felt cloth to enforce the fluffy look of Santa.

Materials Used:
Foam Sheets*
Felt Cloth
Permanent Markers
Washable Markers
White Paper sheet
Carbon Paper

Steps Overview:
  • Draw the face of Santa on white sheet of paper and Trace the Shape on to the White Foam sheet/Cream sheet with a carbon paper. Don't follow the way I have done I just drew the face directly on the foam sheet and had difficulty in tracing back the shapes of eyes, beard, etc. I didn't have cream color foam sheet So I used white foam sheet and covered the face part with Cream cloth.

  • Trace shapes of Eye lashes, Beard, Mustache from the paper on to White Felt cloth. Cut the shapes out as shown below
  • Trace shapes of Nose and Lips on to Red felt cloth. Cut the shapes. Start gluing the shapes in a order. First glue the Beard to the Foam sheet. Then glue on the lips. Next glue on the Mustache followed by the Nose. Trim the extra foam across the edges of the face.
  • Draw the Shape of Hat on a Red Foam Sheet. Glue the Red Foam sheet on to the Face. Glue on a strip of white felt for the brim of the hat. Glue on Eye lashes of Santa. Glue on White felt fluffy or pom-pom to the end of the Hat as shown below.
  • Let it Dry for a day. After drying cut through the eyes. After completing I didn't feel like making a hole in the Mask. So I just drew the eyes with Permanent marker and decided to use it as an tree ornament instead of Mask:-) If using it as a Mask, Punch two holes and attach an elastic string. For Ornament punch a hole on the center of Santa Hat and attach a string to hang it.
* Note: I used Creative Hands Rainbow Foam sheets. Size: 5.5 in * 8.5 in.