Monday, March 8, 2010

Berry Hunt Basket from styrofoam container

My little girl loves to carry crayons, some of her stuff in Pails and Baskets. She got fascinated about Strawberry picking after seeing an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where Minnie Mouse goes for Strawberry picking, and needs a Pail or basket for the activity. Same Pail, Basket is too boring! So we love to create different pails and baskets from recycled

Oh what a Co-occurrence! That day in Dora the Explorer, Dora was going on Berry Hunt and the Blue basket was a perfect one for her to go on a Berry hunt.

Berry Hunt Basket from styrofoam container

Materials used:
Vegetable/Mushroom Styrofoam Container
Pipe Cleaners

Steps Overview

Push the Pipe cleaner through one side of the container as shown below. Take care while using Pipe cleaner, sometimes the ends of pipe cleaners are really sharp.

Make a Knot and secure the pipe cleaner to the edge as shown below

Take the free end of the pipe cleaner and as before fasten it to the other side of the container.

Then my daughter decorated her basket with stickers.

And there she goes on the Berry hunt.

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  1. Oh how cute! I love that bit of recycling! We had some raspberry punnets last year that my son LOVED playing with. These look fab. In fact, I have some veg cartons, that would be equally great. We may have a go this weekend!

    Thank you for the inspiration and for linking up with Kids Get Crafty!