Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. Patricks Day Shamrock clipping

Shamrock ornament for my daughter was on my to do list but it was a tiring week and got missed. Today morning when she was getting ready for school, she was insisting on taking a Valentine's day heart with her. Then my Husband said why don't you cut her a green heart for St. Patrick's day. In 5 minutes time, I created this shamrock clipping on her T-Shirt.

Materials used-Green felt sheet, needle, red thread

Took a square shape of green felt. Folded the strip in half,  folded each side in half again in the opposite direction to create an accordion fold. Drew a half heart shape on the first fold and cut along the heart shape. Got three heart shapes. Cut a stem from the green felt. Stitched the green felt heart shapes and stem together in the shape of a three-leaved clover. Stitched the Shamrock to the dress. Tada! my sweet little princess gave a million dollar smile and her smile made my day:-)


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