Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Scarecrow and Acorn Applique

CJ(my little girl) was having a Orange day in the school and had to wear a Orange dress. She didn't have one and so we wanted to buy. When we searched for orange shirts, all the shops were having Halloween, Fall specific shirt. I hate buying shirts of that sort which she can wear only during the holiday season. After a long search finally we bought a plain Polo orange shirt. Inside my heart I was having an idea of creating some of my own designs:-) and so I came up with a DIY shirt.

On the Plain Orange shirt, with Scarps of felt and fabric left over from previous projects I made Scarecrow and Acorn appliques. Hand stitched the Acorns and Scarecrow so that I can remove them if I don't want them when the season is complete.
Scarecrow and acorn applique

Materials Used:

Plain T-shirt
Scraps of felt, fabric
Felt tip marker
Needle and thread
Fabric glue



Steps Overview

I drew the picture of a scarecrow on paper and traced it out on to a Felt sheet

Cut the Scarecrow Outline using Scissors

Cut out a round shape of white felt (dimensions of scare crow face) and using fabric glue stuck the face of the scarecrow. Dressed up the scarecrow with a checked fabric scrap. Using yellow fabric scarps stuck the scare crow hair, hands and legs. Then cut a hat from brown felt and stuck his hat. Hand stitched eyes nose and mouth of scarecrow. I did all the outline stitching of the applique before putting the applique on the shirt. So that he will be a perfect Scarecrow Applique ready to go with any other dress.

In the similar way created acorns using scraps of felt and fabric.

Now that the Appliques are ready, I just hand sewed a running stitch all the way around the appliques.


  1. So cute and clever, Esther! I love that little scarecrow. Thanks so much for linking up!

  2. So sweet!


  3. What a cute project, and a great way to make a fall shirt. How fun!! ~April