Friday, July 22, 2011

Packing peanuts and Pipe cleaner play

As I had mentioned in my previous post of packing peanut sculpture, we have been playing with packing peanuts lately and coming up with different ideas/projects! This time we did stringing of the packing peanut with pipe cleaners. We made a heart wreath, giant flower and a bracelet.

Packing Peanut and Pipe Cleaner play

All you need is Packing peanuts, Pipe cleaners and Dry erase markers

Heart Wreath

First we tried to color single packing peanuts with dry erase markers. After coloring few peanuts, the process was looking very tiresome so we stopped. CJ did have fun coloring them.

Form a heart shape with pipe cleaners as shown below

Undo one end of pipe cleaners and start stringing the peanuts

After completely stringing the peanuts, secure the loose ends to form a heart shape.

Color the Wreath with dry erase marker

Wreath ready!
Packing Peanut Heart

packing peanut and pipe cleaner flower

Using pipe cleaner and packing peanuts we made the petals shapes. After the petal shapes were done, we joined them together to form a giant flower


String the packing peanuts with a pipe cleaner.

Color them

CJ,totally involved

wrap around the wrist

Pipe cleaner and packing peanuts bracelet

CJ showing her hand in esteem!


  1. Nice!! Your daughter sure has lots of patience like you:) We have played with packing peanuts in the similar way (sculptures and making garlands) but coloring them is very tedious!! Love ur idea of using pipe cleaners:)

  2. Wow, what a clever way to recycle those otherwise annoying "peanuts"! Love the heart wreath! So sweet! And the bracelet!

    Thank you for joining Kids Get Crafty!


  3. Thank you Maggy and Roopa! We had fun making them!

  4. I LOVE how you use all these materials that most would simply throw away - so fun! :)

    Might you ahve been able to paint them as well for faster coverage. You would ahve had to let them dry before wearing though.

    Thanks for linking up your fabulous ideas to the Sunday Showcase - hope to see you again this week Esther!

    PS did I ever mention that Esther is my mother's name! :)


  5. Bern, That sounds great! you had mentioned about your mother's name!

  6. super cute idea!!! Stopping by from ABC and 123 blog hop =) Have a great week!