Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recycle: Shredded deflated Balloon Collage

For CJ's Fourth Birthday, I had made Balloon garland decoration and Balloon Popping countdown. While popping the balloons, we did it very carefully so that deflated balloon can be used in crafts.

The balloon garland was there for quiet a long time. One day when CJ was getting bored, I gave her the task of deflating the balloons by cutting below the balloon knots.

She enjoyed the activity and was successful in getting a collection of deflated balloons. I told her to keep them safe so that we can do a craft.

Immediate action, She took out her child safe scissors and said "Mommy I'm going to do a craft with the balloon. But this is one person craft so don't disturb". She started shredding the balloon, What can I say/do other then just watch.

Caution ***Note: The Shredded Balloon pieces are choking hazard and so this craft is not for kids lesser then 3 years. Though bigger kids need adult supervision.

The shredded pieces of balloon triggered the idea of collage.

Recently we got an activity book from Dollar section of Target : Color is Fun! Creative Basics Preschool Workbook. The book was very useful for the craft. Each picture in the book has colored dots/Colored outline for different sections of the picture. So that it is easy for the kids to match the dots/outline with a color and fill in that section.

Shred different color balloons.

Apply glue to a section of the picture and start gluing the shredded pieces of balloon

Complete all the sections and Admire your work!

For the eyes of the duck we used pistachio shells, Googly eyes can also be used.

Art work can be framed for a present/Art display.


  1. What a very fun way to recycle old balloons! And the result looks great!

    Thanks, as always, for linking up at Kids Get Crafty!!


  2. That IS the perfect book to use with that craft. I love how pretty the colors are!

  3. Very cute idea and I love the texture to it- thank your sharing it with us on The Sunday Showcase!

  4. What a great idea! Thank u for sharing

  5. Esther - this came out wonderful! :) Love how you opted to use the balloons rather than just throw them away! So creative.


  6. Wow, you are so creative!! We just had a birthday party here last weekend and I would have never thought of using our balloons that way. It turned out absolutely beautiful!

  7. Love crafts using recycled materials-great idea!

  8. Beautiful idea! This is a brilliant afterparty activity. thanks for sharing.