Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Create your own Number Chart

CJ loves dot-to-dot activity sheets and Books. These sheets helps kids practice numbers, counting and number sequencing. It also improves fine motor skills and eye-hand coordination. Recently we got a "1-100 Dot-to-dot Kumon" workbook to improve CJ's number recognition and counting. CJ was finding it little difficult counting after 50, so it was her dad's idea, He made her a hand-written number chart. The Number chart helped her a lot.

When I saw the laminated number chart in the Number words post over at kidsactivitiesblog, I got the idea of creating a Kids DIY number chart. Because CJ had accidentally spilled some water on the hand-written chart and some of the numbers got erased.

We used our 30 mins of word document playtime to create a number chart.

After Opening a word document, I created a 10 X 10(row X column) Table. Then I taught CJ the usage of Tab keys and explained how she had to enter the numbers. She found the activity very interesting. Whenever she lost track of the numbers, we counted the numbers from 1.

After finishing the number chart. I Printed them.

I created another version of number chart by entering the numbers along the columns i.e. with numbers 1 to 10 in same column,...

Laminated the number charts back to back on a single sheet.

CJ loves her number chart because she created it! Working seriously with her number chart and dot-to-dot activity book!

The Word document table play can be extended to create Alphabet chart, cross word puzzles and find the missing numbers


  1. Great idea to involve your child on the computer. My children ADORE it if I let them use the computer ...

    Thank you for sharing on kids get crafty!


  2. how great that you get her on the computer often! I really do not do it enough with my girls, mostly because they end up fighting but I should not let that get in our way!

    This was a great way to get her practicing her numbers thru 100.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday Showcase!