Thursday, September 22, 2011

Magnetic pom poms: Apple picking fun

Indoor  Magnetic pom poms  Apple picking fun

This week they are doing apple crafts at CJ's preschool. So I thought of doing some apple activities at home too. When I found the idea of magnetic pom poms at Teachlovegrow blog, I decided to create some apple picking fun.

Materials Used:

Magnetic poms:

Pom Poms
Magnetic buttons with foam adhesive(I bought them at Walmart. You can also use non adhesive circle magnets)

For the play:
Cookie Tray
Construction paper
Glue stick
Masking tape

Steps overview:

Remove the foam adhesive stickers and stick the magnet to pom poms. If you are using non-adhesive magnets, use a strong glue and glue the magnets.

Magnetic pom poms ready for play!

CJ had lots of fun connecting two magnetic poms poms by the magnets

Apple Picking fun

We used a cookie tray. First we made sky and ground by gluing construction paper. Attached the sheet to the cookie tray using a masking tape.

Then CJ cut out apple trees from the construction paper. She glued them on to the sky and ground sheet.

Then we placed the magnetic apple pom poms to the tray.

She played picking apples (Magnet pom poms) from the trees

Picking up the magnetic Pom Poms was a great activity for fine motor skill and sensory fun. We also counted the pom poms as we picked them. Magnetic pom poms are easy to make and hours of learning, creativity fun guaranteed.

we played apple picking few times and then CJ said "Mommy I'm going to make lot of flowers"
Magnetic Pom Pom flowers

CJ wanted stems and leaves for her flowers. So I created some using adhesive magnetic tape and pipe cleaners

Giant flower using magnetic pom poms, magnetic pipe cleaner leaves and stem:


  1. This is a great activity! It would be great on a road trip. I love homemade magnet games for road trips! I found your post through the playtime linky. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What wonderful ways to use magnets. I love your caterpillars.

  3. As per the caterpillar - I really do love your magnetic pom pom idea. so much fun - colourful, crafty and sensory in one!

    Thank you again for sharing on kids get crafty!


  4. Good use of pom pom's and magnets! And a great craft with it as well!

  5. Hi Esther,
    I've awarded you the Kreativ blogger award! You can view and pick it up here at my other blog!

  6. Sorry here;s the web address for the award


  7. magnets are so fun! she is always so creative - extending your activities and going on her own creative journey! It is wonderful!

    Hope to see you at the Sunday Showcase -


  8. Love this!!! My little guy really likes magnets right now, so we will have to explore this a little bit and see what he decides to create with the pom poms.

  9. wonderful idea! I'd love a refrigerator full of these, how much fun? Thanks so much for sharing on Craft Schooling Sunday!

  10. superb idea Esther.. love all the crafts you make with CJ..

  11. A great use for Pom-poms! I love the apple picking- a must do for us!

    Thank you for sharing this on The Sunday Showcase.

  12. ohh we don't find magnetic strips here.
    and they can be reused too :)

  13. What a fun idea! Thanks for sharing!

  14. What a great idea! We'd love for you to share it on our fall crawl link party! Thanks! Lorie @ Reading Confetti

  15. What a wonderful idea! How cute, perfect for apple season :) ~April

  16. oh my gosh!! this is super cute!! We've made spiders and beetles out of this... Have you tried that?? If you get 'eyes' from the craft store... you can make them into cute little insects.. :-)

    Thanks for linking in!

  17. Spiders and beetles sounds exciting Patricia! we made caterpillars:-)