Friday, October 7, 2011

Halloween: Hula hoop Spider Web

When I saw the Hula Hoop Rug and Hula loop Rag Rug tutorials on pinterest, I knew it could be altered to create a giant spider web.

Materials Used:

For the Web
Hula hoop($1 - Dollar Store find)
Bundle of Twine/Jute string(You can also use Fabric or Yarn or Ribbon)

For the Spider
Pipe cleaners - 8 count
Googly eyes

Steps Overview:

First we have to create the spokes of the web. Stretch the twine and Tie the ends as shown below

Then stretch another twine across perpendicular to the first, creating a cross shape. Continue and have two more twines in crisscross pattern as shown below

Cj found it little difficult to tie and weave. So she took over the job of taking pictures with camera.

To make strong spoke base, tie the intersection of the twines with a small piece of twine as shown below. Trim off the excess string

I started spinning the web from the outside ie from the hula hoop. You can spin from the intersection too. Tie the twine to one of the spoke and twist the twine around the next spoke in a spiral pattern and continue spinning the web

When the web is complete, secure the loose end of yarn to one of the Spoke or the intersection of the spokes.

We made this little brown spider following the Tutorial - Fuzzy stick spiders on CJ loves her little spider. She was playing with it for quiet a long time.

CJ had taken the below picture in the camera. When I asked her "why the spider is standing like that?" She replied "Mommy he is trying to get out of his web"

The Hula hoop spider web and spider can be used as a simple Halloween decor or a Wreath. Can be an add-on for a Spider costume too.


  1. What a great idea - I've got Incy Wincy Spider as a theme for playgroup crafts in a few weeks time and going to do something similar on a small scale with paper plates - but I may just have to bring in a hula hoop and create a big spider's web with a group of the children as well.

  2. What a fun project! Great activity and Halloween decoration! ~April

  3. super cool..loved it and its so perfect.. great job

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  5. Another amazing craft!!! This is wonderful!

  6. oh wow!! this is so super cute!! Loved.. this!

  7. wow... This is soo cute... The spider made out of pipe cleaner looks soo cute...

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  10. Wow! What a great idea- thinking outside the box for sure...

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  13. This is amazing! It turned out so neat and just like a spider web indeed!

  14. How fun! This would be a great activity with spiders :)

  15. Esther, this really is brilliant! I'm so happy to be spotlighting your post on my Facebook page today.

    Thank you for always sharing your creativity and talent at Rook No. 17!


  16. Love this idea and will share on Pinterest. Just noticed (possibly a typing error) but 'creativity' is spelt incorrectly on your home page title. Just thought you would want to know. karen :)

  17. Thank you Karen! I have corrected that. I never noted when it got changed. May be while editing something, unknowingly I changed it!

  18. This is such an amazing idea! I love all the weaving.

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  19. I really like this. I will be making this next year. Did you think of spray painting it white, I will?