Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hula Hoop rolling

When my husband comes home from work, he plays games with Cj. I don't interfere their "daddy and me" time. They play Ball, hide and seek, Tag, Dance to the music... So its mostly gearing up games. In that series, Daddy taught his favorite childhood game, Hoop rolling. They played/tried rolling the Hula Hoop with a Stick. But CJ was finding it little difficult to balance the hoop with stick. So we tailored it into a game.

All you need is a Hula hoop

To Play

Mark a base line

Stand on the line and push the hula hoop with the hand. Measure how far it rolls.

Hoop rolling with hula hoop and stick

Take turns and whoever rolls the hoop farthest is the winner.

This is a fun family activity and can be played outdoor or Indoor.

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  1. Do you know - we don't have a hula hoop!! Yet! Right.. need to go and add one to the Christmas list!

    Thanks for linking on Kids Get Crafty!