Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 7: Mega Doodles - Body tracing and Coloring

Day 7 Challenge: Mega Floor Doodle

The Challenge was to create a large sheet of paper and let your child create, scribble, draw, whatever they wish.

Our Mega Doodle Chart!

I was thinking to set up the Mega doodle chart before CJ came home from School. But missed! So CJ and I started to create the chart together. We used Ikea Easel Paper roll. We cut sheets of paper from the roll and taped them together to form a Mega size chart. When we completed the chart, CJ came up with the idea of body tracing. They had done the activity at school for the "About me" theme.

First I traced CJ's body with a pencil

After I completed CJ's body tracing, She said "Mommy come on its your turn, lie down I'm going to draw you". But the chart was little small so we made one more chart for mommy. CJ was very happy to trace a outline of mommy!

We also made a body tracing of Daddy when he came home from office. CJ made crying faces on both of our outlines. Looks like she is the Happiest person in the family:-)

After CJ completed coloring my outline, she said "Come on Mommy, its your turn to make a beautiful princess out of my outline. I want you to make a smiley face"

While I dressed up her outline, Princess CJ was ordering "how her dress should look!", flowers, princess picture and.... She got excited and joined in with me to color.

Mommy! Princess Aurora has a yellow hair!

Princesses love to play outdoors! Coloring Sky!

Princesses loves flowers!

Princesses love Beautiful hair do and dress up! Hair style and Pink Headband!

The Mega Doodles was real fun! There was a down pour of creative ideas from CJ! We had so much fun with it that we left the sheet lying on the floor for the whole day.

Before CJ went to bed we had a fun learning activity too! We played "Can you doodle something that starts with the letter A or B or ...." The game went on for quiet a long time. We took turns - CJ would say a letter and I had to doodle. I would say a letter and she gets to doodle. CJ also practiced her writing skills


  1. Loved her princess themed doodling! The details she added are so cute.
    We love body tracing too! Big Art is so much fun....

  2. Gorgeous!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  3. I use to do this with my self-potrait unit when I taught art I love how it turned out ;-) Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase