Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 8: Water Play - Row, Row, Row your Boat

Day 8 Challenge: Water Play

Spend [at least] 15 minutes of uninterrupted time playing with water with your kids.

Row row row your boat

Floating paper boats in water is CJ's all-time favorite water play! Who doesn't love paper boats!

I like making paper boats and playing with them in the rain puddles. May be because of my interest, I think we have been playing with paper boats since CJ was 18 months old. But with CJ its not only on rainy day, we play with them anytime. She has never got bored of the play and keeps her engaged for hours together.

The origami paper boats really float for sometime but they sink when the paper gets soaked. The boats are easy to create, you can follow the directions for making an origami boat from the Origami-instructions site

Fill a Dish pan or bath tub with water and Row, Row, Row your boat

Generally I make her miniature size boats but this time she requested for bigger ones. After few minutes of play the boat started sinking. I asked CJ whether she wanted to make some more. She replied "Mommy, Can you make some better boats so that I can give my princesses a ride" So I made her a better boat with the Styrofoam egg carton.
Styrofoam egg carton boat

After CJ had fun floating her princess in the boat. She started pouring water into the boat.

I explained to her that the boat was going to sink. She replied "Yes, Mommy I want the boat to sink" so she kept on adding some more items to the boat!

Finally a wrecked boat!


  1. We love water play!!!

    Thank you for sharing on Kids Get Crafty!


  2. confession i have never made a paper boat! I need to do this with the girls & of course play so that I get to experience it too!

    Thanks for sharing this on the sunday showcase. I look forward to seeing what you'll share this week.


  3. What a great idea :) Love the princess in the boat :)