Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Day it rained hearts: Shapes of hearts - circle, square..

Have you seen raining hearts? The story is about a girl named Cornelia Augusta and her walk in the downpour of hearts. Without a thought the girl catches the hearts. When she gets back home, She thinks may be it rained hearts for Valentine's day and makes Valentine cards for her friends with her collection of hearts. Each heart is different size and she makes 4 different cards for her 4 precious friends - Dog, Mouse, Turtle and Bunny. She sends the cards to them. We liked the way she designed different cards suitable for her friends. A collar of hearts for the Dog, Cheese heart for the mouse, Symmetry heart art for the turtle and a pom pom heart for the bunny. It didn't rain hearts after that year but Cornelia Augusta found different ways to make her Valentines.

CJ chuckles every time I read the title and she also loves the picture of raining hearts.


It rained hearts on our home too! and in different shapes:-)

Kirigami - Make different shapes of hearts by Folding and cutting.

For the craft, We made different shapes of hearts by using a simple fold and cut method.

Materials Used:

Construction paper
Child Safe scissors
Compass to draw circle
Heart Cookie cutter(Optional)

Steps Overview:

Circle of Hearts

Circle of hearts

Take a construction paper fold it in half, horizontal direction and then half, vertical direction.

Draw a quarter circle sector using pencil and compass with the middle folded point as center (as shown below)

Using Cookie cutter or free hand draw hearts as shown touching each other and the hearts in the sides overlapping over the folds.

Using a marker trace the heart shapes

Cut along the outline without cutting the touching hearts and the overlapping folds just like the dancing dolls or string of hearts.

Resulting in a string of three hearts as shown

Gently, carefully unfold the folds

Circle of hearts. Decorate with glitters, markers, as you wish

CJ loved the circle of hearts so much that she wore it as a Tiara!

Square of Hearts

Square of hearts

Instead of an arc draw a straight diagonal line as shown joining equal distance from the middle point. Draw the hearts on the line

Cut along the outline

Gently, carefully unfold

Diamond of Hearts

Diamond of hearts

Its similar to the square of hearts. Measure unequal distance from the middle of the fold and draw the diagonal line joining the points

Heart of Hearts
Heart of hearts

Fold a construction paper in half(vertical direction)

Draw a half heart using cookie cutter or template

Draw connecting hearts on the half heart outline. Cut along the outline of hearts and unfold

Using the same method you can also make circles of flowers/stars/leaves


  1. All those hearts how lovely! And the book does sound adorable.

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