Thursday, February 16, 2012

Fun Learning: Simple Dry Erase Calendar

DIY Dry erase calendar. Laminate a calendar template and write with dry erase markers

We made dry erase calendars for the fridge door. While cooking my mind keeps running on the to-do's, plan for the weekends, so on and I have the habit of looking at the calendar. Last year, I used to put CJ's school calendar on the fridge but this year the school calendar is filed in the folder. I needed a calendar for fridge but I didn't have the patience of printing the calendar every month. Finally I made a laminated blank calendar and made a dry erase calendar

After I made the calendar I got the idea of teaching CJ how many days each month has, the days of the week, Today's date and so on. First I was thinking of making my own template but then I searched for blank templates.
I got the templates at I printed a separate blank-top calendar for CJ so that based on the month she can draw pictures at the top of the calendar. December-Christmas related, February-valentine's day.. I made two dry erase calendars so that CJ will have one for her own.

Materials Used:
Blank calendar templates at
Printer and Lamination
Window Markers/Dry Erase(We got it from Walmart)
Magnetic Tape
Fridge Magnets

Steps Overview:

Print the templates and laminate

Using Window marker/dry erase marker make the calendar

Kids can make their own Dry erase Calendar

To hang on the fridge, you can just add magnetic tapes on the wrong side of calendar as shown or use fridge magnets

CJ's calendar surrounded by princess magnets. We got the magnets from the Target dollar spot.

We also have a magnet on the current date. CJ loves changing it daily.

After seeing her interest in the calendar, I got print out of the days of the week from the website and laminated them.

Added magnet to the wrong side and all the days of the week go on the fridge.

For the current date, We use a heart magnet that keeps moving along the days. CJ also likes to put the days in order. She often takes them out of fridge, jumbles and sorts them out.


  1. Love this dry erase calender!! I have been using just a regular paper calender with Putti. First thing in the morning, she marks that day with a bingo marker:) And then tell out loudly the date/day/mnth and year. We also work on what was yesterday and what will tommorrow be...
    Need to make one for putti.

  2. You use the highlighter directly on the laminate ? Splendid idea !

  3. What a great tool for teaching the days of the week! Thanks for sharing with The Kids Co-Op! We look forward to seeing what you have been up to this week :)

  4. This is a fabulous idea! Specially for kids! In a similar way I made a dry erase clock, when the girls were learning time! :-)